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Royal Gem Stone Garland/Lei Necklaces

Greetings beautiful People,

Welcome In.

Wanted to provide some information regarding our Royal gemstone garland/Lei necklaces; One of the questions, a nice customer asked, was the size of our gemstones. Our gemstones range from approximately 1 inch to an inch and a quarter. And in some cases can be close to 2 inches, but that is rare. The reasoning for having the gemstones be in that range of size is comfort, wear-ability, and how they lay upon the person.

My friends, my family, and customers, having in some cases worn these documents for many years has given us the experience and knowledge of the size of gem stones that work on our wrist as bracelets and on our necks as worn as a garland or lei (garland or necklace; Hawaiian term "lei").

We hope that this information can provide you a better understanding, yet overall means to make a choice on our creative selection of gemstone necklaces in our store.

We are available through email, our messaging center on this website or you may Text us direct through our business phone number 510-809-6205.

We'd like to say Mahalo/thank you and we appreciate your business. mostly, we appreciate and value you!

May today and all your days to come be amazing and beautiful just like you ...

Chasity and the whole Team here at Chasity's Royal Creations & Elements LLC.

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